AP Physics 1 is an Advanced Placement (AP) physics course which is designed to be the equivalent of a college-level physics course for students who have completed a high school physics course and have a strong foundation in mathematics. The AP Physics 1 curriculum covers a range of topics, including kinematics, Newton’s laws of motion, work, energy, power, linear momentum, circular motion, oscillations, and gravitation. 

The course also includes a laboratory component in which students have the opportunity to conduct experiments and apply the principles they have learned. AP Physics 1 is typically taken by students who are planning to major in a science, engineering, or mathematics field in college, or who are interested in pursuing a career in a related field.

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Shezmin Hilmi ThahirShezmin Hilmi Thahir
10:26 19 Nov 23
My son was guided by Learn Physics tutor. Tutor was very passionate about teaching and very helpful. He was always available to answer doubts and provide one to one classes. Flexible with lessons and tailor’s levels according to child’s strengths. Highly recommend.